2006 Club Trips

EBT #15 receives coal October 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
Members of the GSMRRC made the annual drive to the East Broad Top Railroad on October 7, 2006. Locomotive #15 receives a load of coal for the days excursions.

EBT Freight Train October 2006 600X399 | 800X532
#15 pulled a freight train this year including the newly restored flat car. Bob rode the photo special and took this shot of the run-by.

EBT Crew 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
The crew poses in front of the south portal of Sideling Hill. From left to right are James, Bob, Rob, Paul, Anthony, Joe, and Walter.

EBT Wray's Hill Tunnel 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
We hiked south from the water tank and muleshoe curve at Coles to the north portal of Wray's Hill Tunnel. Laying across the track is the remains of the electrically operated rolling door which kept the draft out and prevented the water that seeped in from freezing on the tracks.

EBT #15 at Rockhill Furnace 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
The crew cleans the ash pan after the night train on Saturday.

EBT Freight Train at Orbisonia Station 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
The weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday as James caught #15 pulling the morning freight train past the station.

Mine #5 2006 600X399 | 1000X665
This is the entrance to Mine #5 in the woods behind the Robertsdale Station.

SU-99 in New Foundland June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
A daylight SU-99 is rare, but two Saturdays in a row, impossible! We began this June 11th chase just west of the New Foundland station.

SU-99 in Stockholm June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
The train approaches the grade crossing at Snufftown Road in Stockholm.

SU-99 in Lake Grinnell June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
If this photograph at Lake Grinnell looks familiar, that is because fellow Club member Matt Posthumus shot the NYS&W 2007 corporate calendar photo just a few feet away! This is north of Sparta Junction where the NYS&W turns north onto the Lehigh and Hudson River.

SU-99 in Sugar Loaf June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
Another highlight of this chase was this neat shot by an abandoned siding in Sugar Loaf just south of Route 17.

SU-99 at Mill Rift June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
The train crosses from New York to Pennsylvania on the bridge at Mill Rift.

SU-99 in Shohola June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
The light was fading quickly in Shohola. We finished the chase in the dark at 8:30PM west of here in Narrowsburg.

SU-99 in Butler June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
On June 3, 2006, a few Club members chased a rare daylight SU-99. The train had some engine trouble and stopped on the hill in downtown Butler.

SU-99 in Oak Ridge June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
We caught up with the train in Oak Ridge.

SU-99 in Stockholm June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
This shot was taken from the shoulder of Route 23 nearing Stockholm.

SU-99 in Stockholm June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
The train approaches the summit of Sparta Mountain at Snufftown Road in Stockholm.

SU-99 in Stockholm June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
Turning around shows the train cresting the grade.

SU-99 in Beaver Lake June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
A look at the train off the Route 23 bridge at Beaver Lake.

SU-99 in Campbell Hall June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
The train was cruising at 50mph through Campbell Hall. Here the train passes the NS local power at the Metro North station.

SU-99 in Pond Eddy June 2006 600X450 | 1000X750
As the rains began falling hard, the crew brought the train to a stop in Pond Eddy as they outlawed. The conductor is walking along side the train inspecting the power.

Wharton & Northern Junction 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
A few members hiked a portion of the Wharton & Northern right-of-way along Green Pond Road. Here we are looking south near Oreland Junction.

Wharton & Northern Junction 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Looking north at Oreland Junction, the mainline heads straight and the branch to the Upper Hibernia mines bears right and crosses Green Pond Road.

Roseville Tunnel 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
We took advantage of the fine weather on this day to complete our Lackawanna Cutoff History Pages at Roseville Tunnel.

Franklin 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
The town of Franklin was a maze of railroad tracks back in its prime. This is the top of a large coal conveyor.

Franklin 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Looking the opposite way, the track to this conveyor was steep and negotiated a few switchbacks through town to get here.

Franklin 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
North of Franklin off of Limekiln Road, these, you guessed it, lime kilns were at one time serviced by the nearby Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad.

Franklin Zinc Mine 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
The New Jersey Zinc mine complex in Franklin was enormous. This is one of the raw material storage buildings in the complex along side the L&HR.

Franklin Zinc Mine 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Though most of the buildings are gone, some of the tall stacks and all of the foundations and basements remain intact.

Nicholson Viaduct 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
On January 2, 2006, several members ventured out into Pennsylvania to look at the Lackawanna Railroad through the Poconos. Our first stop was Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct in Nicholson. This is the largest concrete structure in the world measuring in at 240 feet high and 2375 feet long! The viaduct was built between 1912 and 1915.

Nicholson 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
This coal dump in downtown Nicholson is one of the artificats left behind by the old main line through town before the Clark's Summit-Hallstead Cutoff and viaduct were completed.

Nicholson 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
The old DL&W freight house is well preserved in 2006 by a local business.

Martin's Creek Viaduct 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Martin's Creek Viaduct is yet another impressive Lackawanna concrete structure.

Kingsley Station 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Apparently the Kingsley Station burned just a couple of weeks before we arrived to photographically document the structure.

Kingsley Tower 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Getting to Kingsley Tower turned out to be quite a hike in the January snow, but we found it in very good condition after almost 100 years since it was erected.

Alford Station 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
North of the Viaducts and Kingsley is Alford. The station and tower still stand. Note the bumping block for the station track.

Alford Tower 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Alford Tower

Alford Tower Levers 2006 600X400 | 1000X667
Alford Tower is the only tower left on the Lackawanna with its levers still intact.

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