2004 Club Trips

EBT Coal Special 2004 600X399 | 998X664
East Broad Top mikado #14 pulled this commemorative coal train early in the morning on October 9, 2004. The locomotive has just crested McMullin's summit on its return trip to Orbisonia station.

EBT Coal Special 2004 600X399 | 998X664
After turning on the wye back in Rockhill Furnace, #14 pulls the coal train past M-1 and locomotive #17.

Group shot in #20 2004 600X399 | 998X664
After a fun filled day of train chasing, riding the excursions, a shop tour, a roundhouse tour, and a wonderful Itlaian dinner, we returned for a ride on the night train. This year we had the entire rear half of private observation car #20 to ourselves!

EBT Speeder Ride 2004 600X399 | 998X664
We did a bit of hiking on Sunday following the abandoned southern portion of the line, but we returned to Rockhill for a speeder ride. Two narrow gauge speeders were operated from Meadow Street south past the coal dock onto a section of recently cleared track which extends beyond the sourthern most switch in Rockhill yard. This track has not been run on in over 35 years.

Allentown Yard 2004 600X400 | 900X600
September 26, 2004 marked our 10th annual trip to the Allentown model train show. Though the crew was smaller this year as shown below, we always make our way over to Allentown Yard to watch the action at the hump yard.

Allentown Yard 2004 600X400 | 900X600
Tony took the photo this year at the top of Allentown Yard.

Phillipsburg Station 2004 600X400 | 1000X667
On our way back, we stopped at Phillipsburg. The railroad station rises to street level high above the CNJ tracks. Notice the connection between the Lehigh Line coming from the left and the Washington Secondary coming from the right. A detailed view of the CNJ bridge over the Delaware River in the background can be seen below from our trip to the Bel-Del train rides.

PU Tower 2004 600X400 | 1000X667
PU Tower still survives to this day. At one time it controlled the junction shown above and a yard just to the right of this photo.

VRA Speeders at Ringoes 600X400 | 1000X667
On August 22, 2004, some members went to Ringoes, New Jersey to ride speeders on the Black River and Western Railroad right-of-way. These were the Volunteer Railroader Associations' speeders running that afternoon.

Matt Posthumus and VRA Speeder 600X400 | 900X600
GSMRRC and VRA member Matt Posthumus posing here by the former Union Pacific speeder that he operated for us.

Abandoned ROW 600X400 | 900X600
Looking through the front window, you can just see the rail as we travel over abandoned trackage south of Ringoes.

Morris Canal Terminus 600X400 | 1000X667
In July 2004, a few members decided to head out to Phillipsburg to ride and photograph the special excursions running for the summer. Shown here along the east shore of the Delaware are the Central Railroad of New Jersey and Lehigh Valley bridges over the river. Conrail and now Norfolk Southern use the closer, former CNJ, bridge. The stone archway was the western terminus of the Morris Canal.

Bel Del Excursion 2004 600X400 | 900X600
New York Susquehanna & Western mikado #142 handled most of the excursions, but the NYS&W M-1 to the left also made runs this day.

Bel Del Excursion 2004 600X400 | 900X600
The Belvidere and Delaware follows the scenic Delaware River valley. Here we are about to go under Interstate 78.

LKVMRRC 2004 600X397 | 900X596
Just after the New Year Celebration, we headed out to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to visit the Lehigh and Keystone Valley Model Railroad Club. This scene is just a sample of their beautiful scenery and ballasting. Note the power lines and many other details.

LKVMRRC 2004 600X448 | 900X672
Here a Lehigh Valley coal drag highballs across one of the more rural portions of the layout.

LKVMRRC 2004 600X425 | 900X637
The Club's working signals cannot go unnoticed. They're beautiful and they operate nearly prototypical.

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