2003 Club Trips

EBT M-1 October 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
M-1 maneuvers through the throat that forms the north leg of the Rockhill Wye on Saturday October 11, 2003. The Rockhill Trolley Museum had just finished major repair work to M-1's generator coupling.

EBT Loco #17 on display October 2003 600X400 | 900X600
The EBT in recent years put Loco #16 out on display, but with #17 off the operating roster, she was out on display this year simulating a typical EBT coal drag of the 1940s and 1950s. Loco #14 is bringing her train north to Orbisonia station to load passengers.

EBT Loco #14 borrowing #15's tender October 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
The EBT's hard working crews completely rebuilt #14's tender, which can be seen in the background. The tank was rewelded, the cross timbers replaced, and brand new tires were installed on the wheels. #14 borrowed #15's tender for the better part of a year.

CSX freight at Magnolia, West Virginia October 2003 600X400 | 900X600
After the EBT's 2003 Fall Event, we headed down to the middle of nowhere, West Virginia! This photo is in the town of Magnolia on the former B&O Magnolia Cutoff. Even though we are in West Virginia, the mountain in the background is Maryland as the Potomac River is under that bridge, as well as the original alignment of the B&O! On the other side of that mountain is the exact mirror image of this scene, another bridge over the Potomac back into West Virginia!

Allentown Yard 2003 600X400 | 900X600
September 28, 2003 marked the GSMRRC's 9th annual trip to the Allentown Show held at Dieruff HS. Here's the crew posing for a shot high atop Allentown Yard.

Allentown Yard 2003 600X400 | 900X600
Lots of coil cars headed east over the bridge into Allentown Yard.

Allentown Yard 2003 600X400 | 900X600
All of the way on the other side of the yard by the hump yard, we caught up with the train we were chasing. Compare the NS locomotive and slug in this photo with the locos we saw last year further down our trip archive still in bright Conrail blue.

East of Allentown Yard 2003 600X400 | 900X600
East of the Bethlehem shops we caught the head end of our train slowing down for a crew change. Note the Yellow over Red over Green signal.

Alco RS-11s East of Allentown Yard 2003 600X400 | 900X600
On the passing siding at the same spot, we discovered five Alco RS-11s that are to be shipped to the Morristown and Erie. They are former Erie Mining Railroad locos. As of late September, four had already been shipped to Lake Junction, so these five can't be too far behind!

DL&W original alignment at Waterloo 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
On July 13, 2003, a small group of members set out to follow the old Lackawanna main, which was bypassed by the great Lackawanna Cutoff. We started in Waterloo, NJ. At first we thought this right-of-way was the Sussex Railroad, but examination of the literature showed that this was the original Morris and Essex Railroad mainline. The embankment to the left holds the new alignment built by the Lackawanna when they took over the M&E. Today that is active New Jersey Transit trackage between Dover and Hackettstown. We later found a second abandoned right-of-way in the woods that carried the Sussex Railroad.

Turntable pit at Waterloo 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
The turntable pit at the junction in Waterloo is still there! Our members are examining a book at the right of the photo.

Port Murray Station 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
Following this line west past Hackettstown and the end of NJT commuter service, we came to the small town of Port Murray and found this station in decent condition. West of Hackettstown all the way to Phillipsburg, this track is called the Washington Secondary.

Changewater Trestle abutments 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
We took a detour down to Changewater and found these abutments which at one time carried an enormous trestle across the Musconetcong River. This was former DL&W trackage which ran up from Hampton, NJ on the CNJ, crossed the Morris & Essex Railroad at Washington, and continued through Oxford Tunnel and Manunka Chunk Tunnel to reach the shore of the Delaware River. Further north, this line crossed a massive trestle over the Delaware and comes out in Portland, PA, another topic of our History pages! When the Lackawanna took control of the Morris & Essex, it no longer needed a connection at Hampton to get to Portland, PA and tore this line up between Hampton to Washington. The trestle was razed in 1959.

NS working at Washington 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
Next we arrived in Washington and caught an NS crew drilling in the yard. We are looking east back toward Hackettstown. The westbound line to the right is the continuation of the Washington Secondary and goes to Phillipsburg. The line to the left is now abandoned, but was the continuation of the line through Changewater described above. Don't miss our History page on Washington.

East Portal of Oxford Tunnel 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
Finally, we did some serious bushwacking down to the right of way west of Washington and found the East Portal of Oxford Tunnel.
Saucon Coal Tower and Roundhouse 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
On January 4, 2003, the Club took a trip to visit some other club's open houses in Bethlehem, PA. On the way, we returned to Saucon Yard and captured the coal tower and roundhouse in the snow. Note I-78 in the background.

Tower and Signal mast at Saucon Yard 2003 373X560 | 600X900
As you can see by the footprints in the snow, we hiked across the yard and found these artifacts still standing. One of our members climbed to the top of that tower!

Easton Station at the LKVMRRC 2003 600X400 | 900X600
This is a view of the beautiful model of the Lehigh Valley's Easton Station at the Lehigh and Keystone Valley Model Railroad Club.

Scene at the LKVMRRC 2003 600X400 | 1000X667
Another shot of this beautiful layout.

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