2002 Club Trips

Maywood Station Winter 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
On December 30, 2002, the Club's youngest members embarked on some winter railfanning. Our first stop was the Susquehanna's Maywood Station, which at this time was in the middle of restoration by the Maywood Station Historical Committee. Visit our History Page on Maywood Station!

Hackensack River Bridge Winter 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
We chased an eastbound NYS&W freight from Rochelle Park down into North Bergen. Here it was captured on the Hackensack River Bridge.

Ridgefield Park Winter 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
The train dropped cars here in Ridgefield Park. NYS&W Conductor and GSMRRC Member Eddie Lewis guides a cut of cars back into the siding!

Haworth Winter 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
After a stop for hot chocolate, we turned north and headed up the CSX River Line. Junior Member Paul filmed this northbound train cruising through Haworth.

EBT Fall Event 2002 600X419 | 900X628
The EBT had two things agaisnt them in October 2002 at their Annual Fall (Event) Spectacular. First, only Loco #14 was operational. Second, it rained for most of the weekend. Regardless, several GSMRRC members braved the elements and had a blast camping two nights in the rain. Here Loco #14, pulling the passenger train, is heading southbound approaching the Runk Road bridge.

EBT Fall Event 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
On a later trip, we caught the 14 again heading northbound having just crested McMullin's Summit. The black and white photo, coupled with the fact that the crew painted over the white rims and covered the brass boiler bands make this shot look like it could date back to the 1950s.

EBT Fall Event 2002 600X400 | 900X600
The Friends of the EBT acquired these two pieces of former EBT rolling stock (#18 and #29) from an auction of narrow gauge equipment in Colorado. Welcome home! We wish the Friends the best in restoring these.

Allentown 2002 600X400 | 900X600
On September 29, 2002, GSMRRC members made their 8th annual trip to the Allentown Show at Dieruff HS. After the show, we always do some railfanning in the area. This year, our members gathered photographs for another history page on Allentown. You can see the Trackside Around Allentown book in Bob's hand. Pictured left to right are Walter, Jack, Bob, Ed, and Tony.

Allentown Yard 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
Now there's something you don't see everyday, a New York and Greenwood Lake boxcar. We spotted about 4 of these cars in the yard.

Allentown Yard 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
Allentown Yard's hump yard switcher and slug are just about to crest the hump.

New Pattenburg Tunnel 2002 600X400 | 900X600
In early September 2002, some members took a trip out to Pattenburg Tunnel. Shown here is the east portal of the newer tunnel, which at one time was double track. Norfolk Southern centered a single track so as to clear double stacks, although one can see it is not quite center!

Old Pattenburg Tunnel 2002 600X400 | 900X600
Not more than 50 yards north of this tunnel is the original tunnel bored through the mountain.

Depot at Neshanic Station 2002 600X400 | 900X600
We headed south into Central Jersey and followed some old right-of-ways. We discovered this Depot, now a home, in Neshanic Station on the old CNJ. In the late 1970s, this structure housed a hobby shop specializing in remote control cars.

Bridge at Neshanic Station 2002 600X400 | 900X600
Just east of this station, we discovered this abandoned bridge over the south branch of the Raritan River. We suspect this line was still in operation during the Conrail era as they inherited miles of parallel CNJ and Lehigh Valley track. This line fell victim to their consolidation.

Westfield Station 2002 600X400 | 900X600
Westfield Station on the CNJ, now a law office.
Allied Junction 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
As the summer of 2002 drew to a close, members decided to head down and explore some of the major happenings on the east side of Jersey. Our first stop was to check on the progress of the famed Allied Junction. You can see the addition of tracks underneath with heavy duty concrete ties. The track on the right has been lowered, while the two active tracks in the middle have not.

Greenwood Lake Division Bridge 2002 600X400 | 1000X667
With the opening of the Montclair Connection, the former Greenwood Lake Division of the Erie across the swamps has just been abandoned.

Greenwood Lake Division crossing under NJ Turnpike 446X560 | 667X837
Looking the other way, you can see that we are underneath the Eastern Spur of the Turnpike. The bridge in the background is the Northeast Corridor.

Bob and Tony taking photos 411X560 | 667X909
Bob (left) and Tony (right) frame shots of the signal mast in the previous photo.

MP0 of the West Shore Railroad 600X400 | 1000X667
Our final stop on this trip was Weehawken. This CP 2 was MP 0 of Conrail's River Line, formerly the West Shore Railroad. This connection line down to CP Nave and eventually Oak Island Yard was abandoned when CSX took control and began using the Northern Branch of the Erie. Across the road is the main ferry port of New York Waterways.

Weehawken Tunnel 600X400 | 1000X667
This incredible tunnel carried the line through the cliffs to the southern end of North Bergen Yard.

Weehawken Tunnel 600X400 | 1000X667
The tracks split into a wye before exiting the tunnel. This long abandoned line turned north and headed into NYC yards. Note the date 1908 carved above the portal.

Matt in the tunnel archway 423X560 | 667X883
GSMRRC's Matt Posthumus stands in the doorway to the access path for the south lead of the wye.

NYO&W No.116 600X400 | 900X600
May 25, 2002 was opening day up at the Copperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad in central New York. Cooperstown is the home of the famous National Baseball Hall of Fame. Our Railcampers were warmly welcomed by counselor Bruce Hodges, president of the C&CVRR. We thank Bruce for the cab rides. This first photo shows their EMD NW-2 painted in its orignal O&W scheme. This engine is now property of the Susquehanna Railroad, and the C&CV is to receive two Alcos shortly.

C&CV Cab Ride 2002 600X400 | 900X600
Our engineer applies some brake on the downgrade.

C&CV Cab Ride 2002 600X400 | 900X600
Looking out the front of the engine at the three coaches and D&H gondola. The date on the bridge is 1896.

C&CV narrow gauge 600X400 | 900X600
Bruce was kind enough to have this engine fired up also. It runs on an old Chevy engine. This little railroad is 1'5" gauge and runs in a rather long loop around a pond. The Milford depot of the C&CV is in the background.
Highland Falls Depot 600X400 | 1000X666
In April 2002, members took another trip up to southeastern New York. We followed the former New York Central up to Newburgh and then followed the Erie's Newburgh Branch west toward Moodna Viaduct. We also detoured over the Hudson to Beacon, NY as you will see down the page. This is the former Highland Falls Depot of the NYC. I, the Webmaster, warn against trespassing on the owner's property, for she came out and began screaming uncontrollably when I approached the station via CSX property! Had I payed the astronomically expensive fee to use her "marina", she might have treated me with a little respect. Notice the picture was taken from NY State property (grade crossing for boat launch). We will have to ask fellow Club member Jim for another boat trip to get better shots of the depot, as well as the steel truss bridge around the corner!

View across the Hudson of the East Shore RR 600X367 | 1000X611
New York State Route 218 is commonly used in the filming of car commercials, and is quite hard to catch open. When the road is open, it allows access to this incredible overlook. These four pictures were all taken from the same overlook, which is north of West Point, NY and south of Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. This first shot looks across the Hudson from our perch at the famous Break Neck Tunnel on the former New York Central East Shore Railroad. The structure is not railroad related but is part of the acqueduct. Note the northbound Metro North commuter.

CSX Freight on the West Shore 600X400 | 1000X666
Soon after the commuter went by on the East Shore, this southbound CSX freight came barreling down the West Shore, now the River Line.

CSX Freight on the West Shore 373X560 | 800X1200
As the train progresses southward, you can see how well engineered this rail line really was.

CSX Freight on the West Shore 600X400 | 1000X666
Way off in the distance, the locomotives are just about to make the final turn out of our view. This train was incredibly long.
Newburgh Depot 2002 600X394 | 900X591
Later on, we made our way up to Newburgh, NY and found this old station on the West Shore railroad. It has just been sold as indicated by the sold sign on its side. It still has the NYC insignia on the street side. The building is in terrible condition as shown by the roof condition. Note the vertical kink in the CSX Mainline.

NYC Bridge in Newburgh 600X400 | 900X600
Immediately north of the above station were a series of steel girder bridges, all with the original NYC writing slowly fading away in time.

Mt. Beacon Incline Railway info board 600X445 | 900X667
We headed over the Newburgh-Beacon bridge on Interstate 84 to, well, Beacon, NY! The Mount Beacon Incline Railway carried riders up the very steep slope to a beautiful lookout over the Hudson Valley. This is a picture of a picture we discovered on an information board posted at the foot of the mountain where the railroad began. Please read its caption!

Mt. Beacon Incline Railway 2002 600X400 | 900X600
The Mt. Beacon Incline Railway in 2002! This inclined railroad is different from others of its kind (Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Catskill, etc.) in that it was curved as witnessed by the power lines up on the hill.

Members examining the info board 600X458 | 800X610
Members examine the aforementioned information board.
Site of Monroe, NY Depot 2002 550X366
In March 2002, several members headed up to southeastern New York to investigate several railroads and right-of-ways, including the old Erie mainline (not to be confused with the modern day Graham Line on Norfolk Southern's Southern Tier), the Lehigh and Hudson River, the Lehigh and New England, the New York, Ontario, and Western, and the Wallkill Valley. This first shot is of the location of the old Erie depot in Monroe, NY. Notice the fully intact stairwell leading under where the tracks used to run.

Members in Monroe 550X366
Anthony, Bob, Jack, Paul, and Tony pose in front of the large concrete foundation of the Monroe Station.

Greycourt Junction 550X366
The Lehigh and Hudson River Railroad went over the old Erie mainline on this steel girder bridge in Greycourt, NY. The Erie itself went under the girders on the left behind the little hill. The photographer is standing on the connection track looking east back towards Monroe, with the actual Greycourt Junction to his rear. The New York, Susquehanna, and Western not only uses the bridge as part of its mainline but apparently spots cars on the Erie's old sidings in the background!

Chester, NY Depot 2002 550X366
Further west on the old Erie Main is the town of Chester, and this beautifully preserved station. As you can see, the mainline is now a paved trail for all to enjoy.

Maybrook Yard plaque 550X361
Maybrook Yard was the largest yard in the east for quite some time during the early and middle 20th Century. This was a major railroad hub. It was the northern terminus of both the LNE and the L&HR railroads. The New Haven also started here and made its way north to the famous Poughkeepsie Bridge. The remains of the shop buildings were inaccessible behind a Yellow Trucking Company warehouse, probably built on top of a good portion of the yard. We were shocked to find a single track through town and some industry north of where the yard was! All that remains of this great yard is a sign to remember it by.
CNJ High Bridge Branch in Wharton 600X400 | 1000X666
This bridge, located in Wharton, New Jersey, carried the CNJ's High Bridge Branch over the old DL&W Main Line. Immediately north (left) of this bridge was a right-handed switch. The straight was the beginning of the Mt. Hope Mineral Railroad. The right leg was the beginning of the Dover and Rockaway, which now connects directly to NJ Transit's Boonton Line about 200 yards east of here and is currently operated by the Morristown and Erie. The copyright date is incorrect, for this was taken on our first trip in 2002.
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