2001 Club Trips

DL&W Depot in Portland, PA 2001 600X400 | 1000X666
Portland, Pennsylvania lies just across the Delaware River from Columbia, New Jersey. This is the Lackawanna's depot there, located north of the old main's steel truss bridge over the Delaware and south of Slateford Junction and the Water Gap.

LNE Bridge over Paulins Kill in 2001 373X560 | 800X1200
Heading back into New Jersey on our winter trip, we discovered the Lehigh and New England's bridge over the Paulins Kill. It is quite visible from Route 94 this time of year, but we wanted a closer look! We are looking railroad north toward Hainesburg, Swartswood, and finally Maybrook. See this bridge and the Route 94 grade crossing just south of here at our Lehigh and New England History Page.

Hainesburg Junction in 2001 600X400 | 1000X666
About 1/2 mile north north east of the Paulins Kill Bridge, the LNE met the New York, Susquehanna, and Western here at Hainesburg. We are looking south along the NYS&W. The LNE peels off to the right toward the bridge in the previous photo and then toward the Delaware. The abandoned NYS&W is the Paulinskill Valley Trail. In the lower right corner, notice the wooden marker stating the location and pointing to where the LNE went.
Hudson River boat ride 2001 550X377
On Septermber 9, 2001, Club members took a trip out onto the Hackensack and Hudson Rivers, to do some railfanning from the water. Jim pilots his craft expertly as Tony, Paul, Bob, and Walter hang on for the ride!

Arthur Kill crossing 2001 550X390
A view of the Susquehanna's (former Baltimore & Ohio) dormant crossing of the Arthur Kill between Staten Island and New Jersey. Although it sees no rail traffic, this single-track lift bridge is operational and is the world's longest single span lift bridge. Ironically, it replaced the world's longest swing bridge at the same site. The bridge in the foreground is the Goethals Bridge.

Carfloat at pier in Brooklyn 550X352
In a scene common along the Hudson for many decades, a carfloat lists precariously to one side while tied up at a pier in Brooklyn.

CNJ Terminal from the Hudson 550X387
The headhouse of the real CNJ terminal. The station building itself has been restored as a portion of Liberty State Park. Sadly the ferry house buit around the decaying ferry slips in the foreground is no longer standing, and the classic Bush trainshed is in deplorabole condition. Go to our Virtual Tour page to see our HO scale rendition of this beautiful station!

Steam powered cranes along the Hackensack River 550X386
Several old steam powered cranes are docked along the Hackensack River for the last time, and are being cut up for scrap.

World Trade Center Towers and Brooklyn Bridge two days before 9/11/01.  We will always remember. 550X386
A quick shot of the famous Brooklyn Bridge as seen from the water. The picture itself isn't that great - we got caught in another boat's wake, so the image is angled as a result. What is incredible about this image is not the bridge, but that which it was framed against vertically - the Twin Towers, almost exactly 48 hours prior to their destruction. We will always remember September 11, 2001.
Beach Glen Mine Tipple 2001 483X500
A January 2001 view showing a tipple of the Beach Glen Mine, once serviced by the Hibernia Mine Railroad, which became part of the CNJ's High Bridge Branch in 1890. This mine was closed in 1930. The tipple was believed to be the last remaining iron mine structure of its kind in New Jersey until it collapsed in 2003.
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