2000 Club Trips

Members at Sideling Hill Tunnel on the EBT 2000 600X384 | 844X540
A view of our crew that ventured out to the East Broad Top Railroad for its annual Fall Spectacular in front of the south portal of the abandoned Sideling Hill tunnel.

Loco No.17 crossing Blacklog Creek 600X411 | 813X557
Locomotive #17, pulling a freight train on this gorgeous autumn weekend, is seen crossing Blacklog Creek.

Motorcar M-1 crossing Blacklog Creek 600X396 | 829X547
EBT motor car M-1, making its annual appearance, was photographed in the same location.
CP Burn west of Allentown Yard in 2000 450X300
On September 24, 2000, the club took a trip to the model railroad trade show in Allentown, PA. Afterwards, members enjoyed railroading in 12 inches to the foot scale, as seen in this view from a public grade crossing at East Penn Junction.
Lackawanna RR's Water Gap Depot 2000 600X300 | 850X425
The former Lackawanna Railroad Water Gap Station is in terrible condition, but still stands. Notice I-80 in the background.
LNE Turntable and Roundhouse in Pen Argyl, PA 2000 600X260 | 859X372
This is the former Lehigh and New England (LNE) roundhouse and turntable in Pen Argyl, PA. The shop complex also remains intact but is out of view to the left.
East Broad Top 40th Anniversary in August 2000 600X409 | 834X569
Though it was not an official club trip, two of our members traveled out to the East Broad Top Railroad in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania to see the railroad's 40th Anniversary Celebration. Two locomotives were fired on this day. You'll find a similar photo in the October 2000 issue of Railpace!

EBT Superintendant Stanley G. Hall at the podium 695X502
Railroad Superintendant Stanley G. Hall was busy giving a speech and introducing guest speakers. The Kovalchick Family, owners of the EBT, are seated at the far left.

#15 at Enyeart Road 600X397 | 842X557
Locomotive #15 pulled the first train of the day, a passenger train.

#14 at Enyeart Road 600X383 | 836X534
Locomotive #14 was close behind pulling a train of open cars.
New Newark City Subway carbarn 717X482
This carbarn was recently constructed in Bloomfield at the end of the Newark City Subway. Note the new Kawasaki car.
NJ Transit train at Great Notch 668X552
A westbound NJ Transit commuter train is seen from the station passing new trackage at Great Notch.
Port Morris Tower on the Lackawanna Cutoff 528X574
Port Morris tower marks the eastern end of the great Lackawanna Cutoff. In addition to controlling Port Morris junction, the tower had a small CTC panel that controlled the entire Cutoff.
Reading Roundhouse at Saucon Yard 600X329 | 851X466
This was the Reading's roundhouse at Saucon Yard in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The pit has been filled in, but the bridge is laying off to the side.

Coal Tower at Saucon Yard 393X560 | 527X750
This was the Reading's coal tower, just next to the roundhouse, at Saucon Yard.

Coal Tower at Saucon Yard 600X395 | 840X553
Another view of this gargantuan structure.
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