Members in Action: Trackwork

Bob making a hand laid switch

On July 2, 2005, Bob installed this hand laid switch at BOB Tower. He will soon complete the rest of this new station track.

Bob using an NMRA gauge

The most important part of trackwork is to check it thoroughly with an NMRA gauge. Note the soldering iron and wooden stick in Bob's other hand. This switch was secured with Pliobond, which loosens when hot and hardens when cool. Why not use track spikes? The rest of BOB Tower interlocking was constructed in 1994 on luan roadbed, which is nearly impossible to drive spikes through.

Bob soldering guard rails in place

This is a closeup view of Bob soldering the guard rails onto his new, curved, handlaid crossover. It was installed into the railroad that evening!

Bob routing out slots for magnets

On the benchwork page, you saw our other Bob finishing the benchwork for the Albatross Extension Project. Before we can install the track, Bob had to use a router to make holes for under-the-track magnets.

Bob drilling pilot holes

With the track now underway, Bob drills holes with his Dremel to make spiking the track much easier.

Rob spiking track in place

Here Rob is spiking the track. We have made it all of the way to the brewery and are almost done! Bumpers were installed soon after.

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