Members in Action: Scenery

Chris removing old tunnel face

Chris, one of our newest members, was eager to apply his amazing scenery skills. Here he is chipping away at the old rock face tunnel between DOUG Tower and Middletown.

Chris attaching foam supports for new tunnel face

Chris glues foam in place to support the ceiling tiles he will use to make the new rock face.

Chris placing rocks

After cutting the bottom tiles to create an angled strata, Chris begins applying some pieces of tile. Does this look familiar?

Junior Member Paul ballasting

Junior member Paul is touching up some ballast in Middletown.

Life Member Pete painting

Pete is seen here painting a newly installed tunnel portal and retaining wall at Otter Creek.

Gerry placing ground cover

Gerry is sprinkling grass atop the mountain in Middletown.

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Last Updated June 29, 2005
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