Santa Claus Express

In 1993, GSMRRC Life Member Pete Kieran created his Santa Claus Express with the intent of making children smile at our Open Houses. It has run every year since. Every couple of years, a new car is added. The collection of photos below shows a typical consist, though the New York Central locomotive has not been used since the late 1990s in favor of the Norfolk & Western 611.
Santa Express Locomotive

Santa Express Pokemon

Santa Express Disney Car

Santa Express Rugrats Car

Santa Express Blue Reefer

Santa Express Blue Reefer

Santa Express Toy Story Car

Santa Express Dwarfs Car

Santa Express Lion King

Santa Express Minions

Santa Express Sesame Street Car

Santa Express Milk and Cookies Car

Santa Express Reindeer Car

Santa Express Sleigh Car

Santa Express Elves' Car

Dave Speid 611

The Dave Speid Memorial Enginehouse was erected at the east end of Middletown in 2007 after Dave passed. Dave's N&W 611 was donated to the Club by his family and lives in this shed all year long. It is removed annually at our Open House to pull the Santa Claus Express much to the delight of children. Dave always greeted our young visitors with a friendly smile and gave out candy he donated to the Club.

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