NRHS-NPS Railcamp

The National Railway Historical Society and the National Park Service have jointly operated a program for high school students called RailCamp. Since 1998, students have had the oppurtunity to participate in the week long program based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Campers spend the majority of their time on the grounds of the Steamtown National Historical Site, (formerly the DL&W freight yard and shop complex) and reside in the dorms of the University of Scranton.

The main objective of the program (besides having a lot of fun) is to ensure that there is 'fresh blood' in the community of industrial historians - this is more than just playing with full size trains (although that's fun, too).

Students gain experience in many areas of the rail preservation movement. Campers have the oppurtunity to learn welding, hot riveting, to use cutting torches, and painting as the hands-on portion of restoration work, as well as an understanding of the research involved to learn about the past of the 'artifact'. On Operations day, students learn about the various positions involved in the movement of the train - from brakemen to dispatcher, and of course, the engineer.

Visit to the Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad May 26, 2002

GSMRRC Railcampers at the C&CVRR
Four of five GSMRRC RailCampers shown on the nose of Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad NW-2 #116.
Pictured left to right are Paul, Rob, Anthony, and Matt.

Cab Ride on the C&CVRR!
Bruce Hodges, President of the C&CV and a RailCamp Counselor, signals the engineer to stop.

Basic RailCamp 2001-1

Tower and Turntable in Binghamton, NY

Shops in Binghamton, NY


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