Operating the Annual Open House

Okay, so it isn't as fun as an Operating Session, but every year after Thanksgiving, we hold our Annual Open House, during which members share the duties of operating the railroad.

Russ brings his big freight train eastbound up the grade under the signal bridge at Bob Tower during the 2014 Open House.

Paul, Tony, Anthony, Rob

Shift Change! Paul (front left) and Rob (front right) are relieved of duty by Tony (back left) and Anthony (back right) during the 2001 Open House. Our Club shirts were brand new that year.

Jim and his son Matt

Jim keeps a close eye on his son Matt as they share operating duties in Perry at the 2001 Open House!

Ed and Pete

Ed operates the newly installed panel in Middletown on the left, while Pete operates Perry on the right during the 2000 show.

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