When our members aren't working on a project, they're running trains. As you read on our home page, we support anything from the 1800s to the present. With construction slowing down, we now have operating sessions once per month! Scroll down to see our members operating and also to see some documentation from our sessions. The documents you see below are generated by a brilliant MS Access Database made by GSMRRC member Jack Mason.
Walter switching Albatross Yard

Walter is seen here working Albatross Yard during our March 2002 Operating Session. Jack Mason, dispatcher and author of this session, can be seen in the background giving train orders to another member.

Anthony switching Otter Creek

Anthony eases his freight train into Otter Creek during an earlier session.

Train schedule March 2002

Dispatchers schedule and time table (used in March 2002).

Train reports March 2002

Train Reports for Branchline trains of the 500 designation.

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