Business Meetings

Once a month, the Club holds a business meeting. A variety of proposals are made at this time. Votes vary in cost and significance from accepting new membership applications to altering a single building or an entire scene to purchasing Digital Command Control system components. Various committees discuss and research ideas in detail prior to bringing formal proposals up for vote at a meeting. Unlike most other clubs, every "Full" and "Life" member has a vote in business of the Club. Our Club has no board of directors, so your vote counts!
July 2017 Business Meeting

On Friday July 21, 2017, in the basement of 569 High Mountain Road, after a year of discussion, planning, and review, the Club formally approved the design of a new HO railroad to fill that basement. Construction can begin!

March 2002 Business Meeting

Anthony makes a proposal to the Club about purchasing miniature video cameras in March of 2002. Their purchase was approved.

Discussion about kitchen modifications

Club President Doug (center facing camera) is seen here leading a discussion regarding modifications to our "kitchen area" at the right of the photo. In the following months, new sheetrock was put up, new outlets were installed, the plumbing was redone in conjunction with the installation of a new sink, and a small counter was installed.

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