Foreign Equipment / Foreign Rails

Foreign Equipment

Equipment from other countries, such as Germany or China, has occasionally seen service on GSN rails.

German 0-10-0 at Perry

A German 0-10-0 tank engine lugs a local freight eastbound on the GSN mainline between Norristown and Perry. Because it does not have a tender, this locomotive was more or less bi-directional relative to other American locomotives, and is shown here running backwards.

ICE Train up close

The ICE Train poses for some photographs in the River Scene. One of our members brings this train to our Open House, where it can be observed doing speeds up to 230 MPH!

ICE Train along the River

Another view of the ICE train parked in the River Scene. Click HERE to see a photograph of the ICE Train in action!

Foreign Rails

Every once in a while, the Garden State Northern will interchange equipment with that of other clubs, and will venture out onto the rails of other model railroads.

GSN Caboose on the A&W

A caboose hop trundles up the branchline towards the mines on the Allegheny & Western with an A&W RS-3 and Garden State Northern caboose. The A&W is the railroad at the West Island Model RR Club in Farmingdale, NY. Visit our Links page to visit their website.

GSN Caboose on the NEB&W branch

Another caboose hop, with New England, Berkshire, and Western RS-1 403 at the head, makes its way back towards the mainline (in the background) on the NEB&W branchline, the railroad of the Rensselaer Model Railroad Society in Troy, NY. Visit our Links page to visit their website.

GSN Caboose on the NEB&W

Now heading south on the NEB&W mainline, our caboose hop makes its way across the high shelf along Willsboro Bay.

GSN Caboose on the NEB&W

Stateline Tunnel on the NEB&W.

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