North Haledon Day

Saturday September 11, 2004

North Haledon Day 2004

A view from the elementary school of one end of the grounds on which North Haledon Day was held, about 1/4 mile from the Club. The children were mostly drawn to the huge inflatable slides. Our dislpay is under the big white tent in the center. The temporary orange fence was there for the fireworks.

Young children waiting to operate a locomotive

At one point, a lot of young children were waiting their turn to try operating a locomotive.

Girls enjoy model trains too!

If you thought only boys liked model railroading, think again!

Young child operating switching pike

A Mother explains the operation to her younger daughter while her older daughter carefully changes direction after tapping the bumper at the end of the track.

Saturday September 6, 2003

The Borough of North Haledon held its third annual North Haledon Day on 9/6/2003, another gorgeous day. The GSMRRC was showcased along with several other community organizations. We wish to thank the residents of North Haledon for their continued support over the years.

Due to technical difficulty, we were unable to take photographs as we did last year. If anyone would like their North Haledon Day photos posted on this page, please email them to the Webmaster. Thank you so much.

Saturday September 7, 2002

The Passaic County borough of North Haledon held its second annual "North Haledon Day" to commemorate its birth. 2001 marked its Centennial. The Garden State Model Railway Club decided to join in the festivities, which brought thousands of people from Passaic and Bergen counties. The town kicked off the celebration with a parade down High Mountain Road, ending right in front of our Club. The big picnic got under way immediately following the parade. There was food, live entertainment and a DJ, giant slides and a whole host of free rides and other activities for the children, an Apple Pie contest, a Chili Cook-Off, souvenir stands, and display tents for local organizations to showcase their information. Shuttle service was required to manage distant parking. This incredible day ended with one of the most spectacular fireworks displays some of our members had ever seen. Truly a marvelous day.

GSMRRC 2002 NHDay display

Our display consisted of a TV showing Thomas the Tank Engine videos and real railroading footage, our famous 'switching pike' we debuted at our 2001 Open House, World's Greatest Hobby pamphlets and other flyers for viewers to browse and keep, and a brief Power Point presentation showcasing the Club's 49 year history. The big RR crossing sign proved to be a pretty good eye catcher!

Young child driving a locomotive

Onlookers watch this young expert stop the Illinois Central Gulf locomotive right in front of the bumper on our 'switching pike' while other children anxiously wait for their chance.

Young Thomas fan driving a locomotive

A Father shows his Son how to work the throttle and stop the engine. Note the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' hat on this young railfan!

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